"Customer counts, basket size, units, sales, and margin dollars all far exceeded our expectations- in some cases 4 fold"
Mark Kelso,
Director of Pricing, Pamida
OPRE Consulting provides various software solutions to suit clients' needs:

REVIONICS End-To-End Merchandise Optimization Solutions

Retailers are provided with state-of-the-art software that enables the planning, execution and effectiveness measurement of assortment, pricing, promotion, markdown and space allocation strategies and tactics.

Price Optimization
Align price strategies with category and corporate financial objectives. Optimized prices project desired price image, execute competitive, positioning and maximize profit opportunities.

Promotion Optimization
Improve sales and traffic by identifying the best items and the most effective and profitable offers by channel – brick  and mortar, on-line, social and mobile.

Markdown Optimization
Maximize margins and sell-through by optimally clearing inventory. Localize markdowns to adapt to market conditions, inventory levels and shopper preferences.

Assortment Optimization
Drive shopper loyalty and competitive positioning while reducing under performing inventory assets in each store in order to free up space for new product introductions, and optimize assortment breadth and depth while maintaining brand image across all channels.

Macro Space Optimization
Right-size stores by identifying and prioritizing targets for reformat, remodel and refresh, allocating the right amount of space, and creating the appropriate department and category adjacencies in order to maximize return on inventory and space, optimize customer flow and encourage incremental purchases.

Micro Space Optimization
Create store pacific plans for optimal merchandise positioning and facings that are cognizant of customer segments, demand forecasts, fixtures, product attributes and display requirements; reducing out-of-stock and excess inventory occurrences while supporting category strategies and brand image.

PROS Pricing Solution Suite

PROS Pricing Solution Suite delivers hundreds of millions of dollars in sustained bottom line profitability to business-to-business companies in distribution, manufacturing and services industries. It consists of four modules that work together to get you to Pricing Excellence.

Scientific Analytics
Identify segment-specific pricing, find opportunities for margin Improvement, and forecast and monitor your progress proactively.

Price Optimizer
Create the right price for each customer and product by setting science-based optimized pricing strategies and managing price lists automatically, and monitor your performance and adherence to policy.

Deal Optimizer
Quote the right price for each deal by using guidance, market insights, and integrated approval workflows.

Rebate Optimizer
Create a single repository for your rebate programs, more efficiently create and manage your rebate programs, measure the impact of your rebate programs on deal profitability.
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