At OPRE Consulting, we help you develop value-based, proactive, and profit-driven pricing policies in order to revolutionize your traditional pricing systems. We work hand-in-hand with your company’s senior management to help uncover the reasons behind your existing pricing policies and their financial impact to long-term profitability. We offer tailor-fit programs that provide you the needed pricing intelligence to capture profit opportunities found in our analysis.

Customized Analytic Consulting

OPRE Consulting leverages its technological partnerships by delivering a host of specialized analytical packages that deliver both tactical and strategic pricing recommendations and insights to your business. These opportunistic modules are included but are not limited to:

  • Pricing Review
  • o   Price Image
    o   Competitive Price Index
    o   Market Pricing analysis

  • Price Segmentation
  • o   Customer Segmentation Profile
    o   Identifying Discriminating Purchase Motivators
    o   Determining Operational Constraints and Advantages
    o   Creating detailed Primary and Secondary segments
    o   Segment Metrics and Fences

  • Store Cluster Analysis (PDF)
  • Key Value Item Analysis (PDF)
  • Market Basket Analysis (PDF)
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