"Customer counts, basket size, units, sales, and margin dollars all far exceeded our expectations- in some cases 4 fold"
Mark Kelso,
Director of Pricing, Pamida
OPRE Consulting provides Price Optimization solutions for the following industries: Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Services.


Whether you are a supermarket chain that sells thousands of SKUs or a drug store chain that needs to keep prices competitive on a weekly basis, price optimization is now an industry requirement. With the help of our partner, Revionics, higher margins and sales are achievable while keeping customer loyalty.

No matter what retail space you occupy, the customer is always a critical factor of success. To remain competitive, you have to know what consumers want, when they want it and how much they will pay for it. Opre Consulting help Retailers across industries implement a more customer-centric retail pricing strategy.

Pricing Strategy Benefits by Industry Segment
Life Cycle Pricing from OPRE is a customer centric demand-based pricing solution, allowing any retail segment to leverage its technology. Here are a few practical applications for specific retail industries:

Hardline Retailers: Optimize prices and promotions seamlessly across multiple categories,
channels, or store clusters.
Softline Retailers: Optimize inventory value and sell-through of seasonal and fashion merchandise
with the best –in-class markdown solution.
Drug Store/Grocery: Gain and maintain price leadership with scenario planning and
optimal prices weekly for base, promotion, and TPR pricing.



Chemical Manufacturing

You face constant pressure on margins. In both rising and falling markets, relentless forces are at work that require continued vigilance if you are to maintain company profitability. Volatile costs, fluctuations in customer demand, and competitor actions can make it nearly impossible to understand how individual customers, products, or geographical regions contribute to, or detract from, your profitability.

Pricing Challenges
In a pressure-cooker situation like this, sound pricing decisions are critical. You have little time, however, to obtain
and analyze relevant data, such as the costs of feedstock and transportation, or to identify market trends. Most likely, the information you use to set prices comes from multiple systems and manual processes—too fragmented and out-of-date to help you set the right price for each segment and customer.

OPRE Solution for Chemical Manufacturing
OPRE integrates all the information you need to make profitable decisions in real time. For example, you can quickly spot, and stop, destructive trends, like unwarranted discounting, that lead to price erosion. You use analytical tools to see such root causes of poor performance as high costs-to-serve associated with order fulfilment. Finally, OPRE gives your sales reps price guidance, targeted to the customer and segment that allows them to quote and negotiate profitable deals with confidence.
Industrial Manufacturing

To succeed in a complex and volatile marketplace, industrial manufacturers are pressured to put more emphasis on pricing as a catalyst for growth. One pricing tool that makes a valuable lever is the ability to customize pricing strategies by business unit, sales channel, product group and customer group, but this requires complex data analysis and quick decisions. With pricing data distributed all around an organization, it’s a challenge to perform a thorough analysis in a timely manner.

Pricing Challenges
OPRE has experience helping industrial manufacturers overcome industry challenges and long term pricing improvements. OPRE integrates all the information you need to make pricing decisions, eliminating many of the hurdles you face in your business.

OPRE Solution for Industrial Manufacturing
With an unparalleled ability to track customer attributes like performance and willingness to pay, OPRE gives industrial manufacturers much better insight in how best to pass along costs, effectively manage customer programs, and identify the value of products to different customers, across different sales channels.

With very successful implementations in Petroleum, Chemical, and other manufacturing customers through our partner, PROS, OPRE Consulting can help you achieve pricing excellence in this very challenging industry.

In spite of its diversity, the manufacturing industry has a common set of challenges, including globalization, increasing automation, and changing regulations. These issues make it difficult for manufacturers to maintain margins and remain competitive in the marketplace.

With its broad range of manufacturing customers, OPRE has developed an understanding of the issues that must be addressed to achieve pricing excellence through margin optimization in manufacturing and its sub-verticals.

Distributors often battle the low margins associated with eroding prices because they rely on traditional pricing practices that can mask problems—like unnecessary discounting and quoting below breakeven prices. Other issues—freight cost increases, fill rates, and the challenges of working with overseas manufacturers—add another level of complexity.

Pricing is one of the most powerful levers of business and financial performance for distributors. OPRE margin optimization software products use this lever to drive the highest possible ROI and enable distributors to achieve pricing excellence.
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