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Van’s Markets, based in Bozeman Montana, needed a way to survive Big-Box competitors.

Discount and Convenience Retailer

Family Dollar retail operations serve the more price sensitive consumers.


Specialty store

Scolari’s Food and Drug Co. faced the challenge of having two banners located in two very different regions and needed a way to be competitvely priced against all their key competitors in both regions.


A Global oil company uses Key Pricing Information to Improve Margins.


A Global medical distributor Fine-Tunes Pricing Decisions to Grow Profits by $ 10 million.


Improve Price Image
Pamida determined that they needed to resurrect their everyday value proposition. To accomplish this,
they required additional discipline and capabilities to develop and support their pricing strategies.
Establish an Ongoing Price Optimization Capability
Pamida developed strategies based on consumer segments and developed an ongoing systematic capability to optimize their pricing based on their customer’s demand signal. They are now able to continually monitor their consumer segments, identify changes in consumer sentiment and quickly adjust their strategies to achieve category objectives.
Pricing Aligned With Corporate Goals
Pamida developed and executed strategies for pricing that were aligned with their overall marketing
and merchandising strategies as well as their corporate brand positioning and category plans.
“Customer counts, basket size, units, sales, and margin dollars all far exceeded our expectations - in some cases 4 fold.”
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