A global petroleum company increased its annual revenue by $ 350 million. How much can you increase yours?
Are you burdened by volatile costs and customer demand fluctuations? Do you need more agile pricing?
Are you still using the cost-plus pricing model to price your products? What is the best way to price them?
Are your low margins shrinking even more? Are you giving too many discounts?
What do 20,000 retail locations trust for Base, Promotions, and Markdown Optimization?
Pricing Right is a Challenge

In recent years, the challenges of growing sales and profitability, staying competitive and keeping customers satisfied have increased dramatically. These, among others, have shaped the business landscape:

• Product cost volatility
• Compressed product life cycles
• Continued fragmentation of market segments
• Expanding global competition

All these influencing factors have made it difficult for companies to set the right price for their product at the right time. Pricing excellence is all it takes to capitalize and profit from pockets of opportunities found in the demand curve. This can only be achieved through price optimization.

Often overlooked, price is the only element in the marketing mix that is directly correlated with revenue; all other elements represents cost. Price is both strategic and tactical and is the most flexible element in the marketing plan.

How OPRE Can Help?

OPRE Consulting is the first pure price analytics consulting firm in the country that offers Price Optimization solutions and services to medium and large sized companies. It delivers strategic and tactical pricing intelligence that lets companies balance profitability, market share, and customer loyalty. With the aid of science-based software from established partners in price optimization, it aims to raise the bar in pricing for the manufacturing, distribution and retail industries.


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  Do you want to know more about Price Optimization and how it is applied in different industries?
Sales, margin dollars, customer counts, basket size, and units all far exceeded our expectations - in some cases 7 fold

  - Mark Kelso, Director of Pricing, Pamida
With the help of OPRE Consulting, we were able to develop efficient and effective processes that made significant improvements in our day to day operations giving our customers a better and more consistent level of service.

  - FREDERICK MENDOZA, Service Manager, Toyota Pasong Tamo
I really appreciate the help of OPRE Consulting.  They made me realize we can still improve our pricing and product offering to further increase our profitability.

  Edwin Lozano, Manager, M2 Car Accessories

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